Saturday, August 20, 2011

Optimistic despair

It’s been long I have been thinking to put down my thoughts about the current state of Indian cricket, just trying to lend my voice to an already chaotic and noisy environment.

The biggest disappointment watching the ongoing England test series is that even though we have some of the greatest players the game has ever witnessed in our team, the future looks bleak. The dearth of young talent seems apparent in the ongoing series, at least in this form of the game and BCCI need to urgently relook at its strategy to ensure the purity of the game is not lost. None of the young Indian players show the intent to play long innings, maybe it is not what they want to or maybe they are not equipped with the skills, whatever may be the reason, the board must not take it easy and should not allow such kind of attitude germinate within the team. It looks like the players are playing for the audience, which is good, but sometimes when the situation demands and when the format of the game is not the same as the exciting and the thrilling version, one has to drop the anchor and play sensibly.

Certainly the shortest form of the game has garnered many eyeballs and attracted new followers for which the credit must be given to BCCI, not only that but also for showing the world that the sport is commercially viable. But the board must not bask on its past glory and shouldn’t be short sighted to just focus on IPL. It must have a broader vision for the sport as a whole and ensure that the longer version of the game is not lost. More importantly Indian players must not lose their focus because of the glitz of IPL and BCCI has to play a larger role in achieving that. I hope the sanity will return to the Indian cricket board and the players will also take responsibility for not performing the way they did.

A word of advice for the players, indeed you are playing for the audience, not just for the noise they make but also for their claps. I would end this with a phrase which I feel aptly applies to the current state of Indian cricket “What got you here won’t get you there”.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A little step

Just heard government’s justification for the action taken against Anna Hazare and team. Totally agree (on paper) with the comments and arguments they mustered, which is truly amazing. Here I am supporting Anna (rather his cause) without having any tolerance to listen against “it”, but there they are, swaggering, wearing khaki like clothes, holding press conference with no sign of our so called “head of the state” and justifying all their inabilities in a convincing manner. In retrospect I admire our democracy, even though I don’t believe in it (may be because of my incomprehension or ignorance of polity), but at the very least we have some truly erudite, witty, wise and able people out there who can deliver arguments which are fundamentally correct to cover their deficiencies and hide their flaws. And I for one truly appreciate it; at least they have it in them to deliver something when it comes down to save their face.

Enough of appreciation, now the real concerns related to the points they made:

Chidambaram: Why did Anna defy the law, by not agreeing to the police conditions on the protest?

Sir, that’s right, it sounds good on paper and in a society where the machinery of governance is functioning. But first of all why is he protesting, and why are people supporting him, because you have failed, and by you I don’t mean just you but the entire concept of Indian politics. Secondly, are the conditions imposed by police reasonable, why the conditions are curbing the right to protest and it seems your government wants to justify these conditions? Why is Delhi police not able to handle a non-violent protest of 1 lakh people? You must clarify these and don’t fool us by saying you have no role on actions taken by the police, we are a stupid nation but we know where the decisions are taken and that is why whomsoever vote for you does that.

Kapil Sibal: We have so many bills pending other than just Jan Lokpal?

It is your fault that it is pending. If you can’t agree or negotiate with the opposition to not stall the parliament and pass the bills, then you do not deserve being a politician let alone be a minister. If you say we are helpless then you are not a leader, what precedent are you setting for us? Be helpless; accept what is given by others even if it is not right or incorrect.

Ambika Soni: It is establishment perception that we are being seen this way and that Anna’s protest is a thought out plan.

First of all, all over the world, there are establishments. But there is no Anna Hazare all over the world. And regarding a thought out plan, what do you think about him, do you think he is a person who just came out of his house one day to protest against corruption and people started supporting him. Come on, we all know they have to plan, if not they will be thrown away just by a nod of an inspector. Please make some credible statements, which will make us at least to think and agree on paper.

You may just put aside my rebuttals by saying that I have taken your comments out of context or may be my arguments are intrinsically flawed. But my sincere request to all of you is to to wake up from your slumber and do something, instead of justifying undemocratic (at least according to me) acts and your deficiencies.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


When the world fades and the sky moves higher, this kind of mistake happens :)

I am stuck, was pulled into the bog;
My legs are hurting, my face is sweating,
My hands are on a floating log.

Looking up with a mind full of despair;
Saw a snowy white dove flying above,
A tattered bridge no one would dare.

Talking to noone, musing on my share;
Envying the past which I know would never last,
Looking for a company I am lying there.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Argue for "Greed"

Two movies, two ideas and two words, when put together justifies the title of the post.

Thank you for smoking
Nick Naylor: That's the beauty of argument, if you argue correctly, you're never wrong.


Wall Street
Gordon Gekko: Greed, for lack of a better word, is good

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Klues for Klueless3

First of all these are just hints and not answers. The hints are more or less my perspective to clear each level, tips that would have helped me to get over the places I was stuck, may these be useful.

Happy Hunting!!! :)

Level 0: Do as it says on the page
Level 1: You need to know where and what you have to answer
Level 2: When nothing helps go to the source
Level 3: Who is that person?
Level 4: Direction and the Logo says it all
Level 5: Not related to Infinity/Infinite. Believe me, I spent approximately 1.5 hours searching on Infinite and my morale hit rock-bottom
Level 6: Left has married right and right is not always correct
Level 7: Its not what you are thinking, just recapitulate all the signs
Level 8: Wiki what you see
Level 9: What is the need to solve, when there is such an easy route
Level 10: First get the clearer picture and then crack the code
Level 11: You need to know the image of the person and then what he has written
Level 12: "Zero" is the place where you would be enlightened
Level 13: One of the simplest ciphers to crack
Level 14: A table hard to remember
Level 15: Four "+" do make sense
Level 16: Being a daughter of a rock star is not so easy, what's her role?
Level 17: Wiki or look at my orkut profile's favorite videos :)
Level 18: It got its name because of these greats
Level 19: It cannot say a word without him
Level 20: It's time to get all types of pictures. Do something similar to LevelX
Level 21: Oh, I think there is a flag too, to Wiki ?
Level 22: Internet Explorer may help, but remember that you do have a clear picture but not everything you need
Level 23: I do not think you are still searching for the key
Level 24: What are these dots? Dots are nothing but a manifestation of what comes before
Level 25: Type it using the new keyboard
Level 26: THE END
Level 27: Replace Red with Blue, and animal with .....
Level 28: There is a Black Metal but not that Hard
Level 29: Picture, picture and more pictures, Who am I to comment on these ?
Level 30: A word and a number

Level n-1: DejaVu of 2-1

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finally, got all the Klues

Phew, now I can be back to my normal-self. Last week I got to know about this K(C)lueless and since then this thing was keeping me off myself but finally its over now. Agreed, "Klueless3" is awfully addictive and a general caution to all you out there "Please do not touch it unless you have enough time and patience to crack all the stages".

Thanks to all the Klueless3 creators for such a cool thing. Waiting for Klueless4 and this time would try to start earlier to have my name on the famed "HOF" list :)

May be sometime soon would post my version of hints for all the levels without any direct answers, keeping the Klueless spirit alive :)

Cheers to all the Klueless team members !!!!

Klueless3 Link
Klueless3 Hints

Friday, September 21, 2007

Something, Everything and Nothing!!!

It all looks lovey-dovey when a non-graduate looks into his future, working on so called cutting-edge technology. But, the revelation comes when he wears that black robe with a bunch of A4 size papers in his hand; when he is about to enter into the world of reality; when he is going to shred his innocence, ignorance and innovativeness for the sake of living. He succumbs to the so-called ingenuity of the industry, which teaches nothing more than keeping himself abreast with the company's policies and his colleagues progress. It is no longer a question of creation but continuation. He just needs to hang-on and keep repeating the words ("I can do it!") in his mind, even though he knows that he is much more capable.

The question arises, why did he give up? Why he never looked for that euphoria of invention/creation/discovery/adventure again?
- No Answer

Only thing that comes to my mind is, "This is 'Life' and time is the best teacher". May be he would soon learn; may be he would soon love; may be he would soon live.

Acknowledgement: Title inspired by Makers and Shapers supplement from Times of India

Oooohhhh!!!!!!! Does it make sense???

They say you want to be a geek. I say "No", I want to be a nerd. Then comes the sky-scrapper. You are trying to be modest, and I say, "Are you evaluating your words because that is what I wanted to hear from you." :)

People just say anything what they feel about you considering their present state of mind, but you never know this is for you or for consoling themselves.

Being one of the latest fans of Doug Adams, I got to confess:-
- Long live the present and never try to forget past.

Inferred from
"Past is a fiction designed to account for the discrepancy between my
immediate physical sensations and my state of mind"